' Adastra Wines | 3-Bottle Release Club

Adastra 3 Bottle Release Club

Number of Bottles per Shipment     3
Frequency of Shipments     Quarterly

How it works:

  • Members at this level receive three (3) bottles of each new Adastra release per quarter, at a 15% discount.
  • There is no charge to join the club.
  • The release schedule:
    • Spring (2/22/16): Chardonnay
    • Late Spring (4/4/16): Merlot
    • Fall (9/26/16): Pinot Noir ("Regulus")
    • Winter (11/7/16): Syrah
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Wine club membership benefits include:

  • 15% wine discount. Wine club members receive 15% off , including library wines.  (Proximus and Ed's Red are excluded.)
  • Free tastings. Visit our tasting room -- ADASTRA Wine & Art -- and you can taste our wines, including premium and library pours, for free.
  • Customizable shipments. You can customize your shipments! Give us a call or send us an email and we'll take care of it for you.
  • Exclusive Newsletter. The Stargazer includes winemaking notes, updates from the farm, recipes for pairing and more. See a sample copy.
Questions? Drop us a line: info@adastrawines.com

Thank you for considering an Adastra wine club subscription!