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Adastra Wines make great gifts! Below, we offer some gift pack suggestions that are quite popular. Of course, if you would like to put together your own combination of our wines, just let us know by phone or email and we will endeavor to make it happen.

All gift bottles will be tastefully wrapped with tissue. We will include your gift message to the lucky recipient on an attractive card for no extra charge.

Our website doesn't allow for multiple recipients. If we can help you with several gifts, we recommend calling or emailing us with the gift pack names (or list of wines), recipient names and addresses, and your gift messages for the cards.

Shipping Note: Wine can be damaged at extreme temperatures, so if forecasts indicate risky temperatures at your end, our end or anywhere in between, we may delay your shipment (we consider 20 - 85 degrees Fahrenheit to be safe). Of course, we will notifiy you if this is the case and we can discuss alternative shipping options.

Wine Club Members: Normal discounts apply.
This Cupid's Arrow always hits the bullseye. Let the stellar Proximus Pinot Noir take your friend over the moon and to the stars! One bottle.
$60.00 per Bottle
Two luscious Pinots for the two of you. Compare, contrast, contemplate, quaff! One bottle 2013 Adastra Pinot Noir and one bottle 2013 Proximus Pinot Noir. Two bottles.
Sold Out
For the lover of the full-bodied, one bottle 2014 Adastra Syrah and one bottle 2013 Proximus Pinot Noir. Two wines, one word: delicious! Two bottles.
$105.00 per Bottle
One bottle of the splendidly refined 2013 Adastra Pinot Noir, one bottle of the exquisitely balanced 2014 Adastra Chardonnay and one bottle of the flavor-packed 2014 Syrah constitute a fine way to introduce the fortunate to the breadth of quality of our Carneros Estate through these flavorful wines. Three bottles.
Sold Out